Sunday Worship

Sundays, 10.15am, YouTube & Zoom

Sundays, 9am, Services at St Thomas'

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To watch live on Sundays at 10.15am: click here


Sunday Services Live on YouTube & Zoom, 10.15am

We are currently hosting our Sunday worship services on Zoom & YouTube. We encourage people to tune in from 10am  and then we can make sure we are all settled down by 10.15am, ready for the service. 

Watch live on our STwSS YouTube channel from 10am: click here

To join us on Zoom, please login to the STwSS Zoom link from 10am (link sent on email).

For those who would like to have the liturgical words, or other advance information about this week's Sunday. Please feel free to download and print. Sunday 13 September order of service: click here

If you have any issues, or questions, please email 


Sunday Services at St Thomas', 9am

Every Sunday we hold Said Services at 9am, at St Thomas'. 

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Rewatch our online 10.15am services

Click here to watch, or rewatch, all our latest services on YouTube.

The link will take you to a list of our recent services where you can select the service you want. We will aim to get the services uploaded to our STwSS YouTube channel on the same day that they are held on Zoom, normally within a few hours. 

You can also subscribe to our STwSS YouTube Channel: Click Here


Zoom Coffee Time & Prayer Zoom Rooms after the 10.15am service

After the service we are going to hang around on Zoom for 'tea & coffee' time! We have had some surprising old friends logging in from around the world. You don't need to do anything to join the tea and coffee part, just stay in the 'Zoom meeting'! Make sure you 'unmute' yourself if you would like to say something. The mute button is normally bottom left on a laptop. 

There will also be an opportunity to move into a separate screen area for prayer ministry, for those who would like to. 


Prayer requests or answers to prayer

Please email or call/text/WhatsApp: 07904 421 668 with any prayer requests or answers to prayer. We have a group of people ready to pray! 

For information about receiving prayer, or attending private prayer at St Thomas': click here


I need help with Zoom

If you need help with Zoom, we have a dedicated team to help you get set up, please click here for more info.

Or, if you can join the team to assist people, please email


What about those who don't have Internet?

We have a dedicated team of people who are particularly looking out for those who don't have Internet. Please contact if you know someone who would need this support. Please gain consent from the person before contacting us. Fiona Carnegie and Richard Lea are leading this support.