Sunday Worship Online

Sundays, 10.15am, Zoom!

Please email for info about the Zoom meeting access. 

To watch our most recent online service: click here


Easter Services on Zoom

Good Friday, 10.15am • All Age

Good Friday, 2pm • An hour at the Cross

Easter Sunday, 10.15am • Easter Celebration Service

Please email for info on the Zoom meeting access information. This cannot be put on the website for security reasons. 


Rewatch Our Online STwSS Church Services

Sunday 05 April 2020 (Palm Sunday)

• Sunday 29 March 2020


Sunday worship services live on Zoom - how do I get the link?

We are very excited to be able to run our main morning worship service on Zoom. Please read on to see how this will work and also how to get assistance in getting set up! Our aim is to leave no one out. 

Please email for info on the Zoom meeting link which you can click on each Sunday. This cannot be put on the website for security reasons. 

We are encouraging people to log on at 10am and then we can make sure we are all settled down by 10.15am, ready for the service. (Much like our normal encouragement to arrive at 10am for coffee on Sundays. Unfortunately, we can't get Kim and the team to make you coffee on Zoom!) 


What about Zoom tea and coffee time after the service?

After the service we are going to hang around on Zoom for 'tea & coffee' time! We have had some surprising old friends logging in from around the world. You don't need to do anything to join the tea and coffee part, just stay in the 'Zoom meeting'! Make sure you 'unmute' yourself if you would like to say something. The mute button is normally bottom left on a laptop.


What is Zoom and how do I get it?

If you need help getting started on Zoom, we have a dedicated team to help you get set up, please click here for more info. Or, if you can help to assist people, please email


What about those who don't have Internet?

We have a dedicated team of people who are particularly looking out for those who don't have Internet. Please contact if you know someone who would need this support. Please gain consent from the person without before contacting us. Fiona Carnegie and Richard Lea are leading this support. 


Prayer requests or answers to prayer

Please email or call/text/WhatsApp: 07904 421 668 with any prayer requests or answers to prayer. We have a group of people ready to pray! 


Zoom Prayer Meetings • Fridays, 11am

We are hosting a Zoom open prayer meeting, 11am on Fridays. To join in with this time of prayer, please email for the Zoom meeting link. 


Zoom Midweek Devotionals • YouTube

We are planning to run some YouTube devotionals during the week for anyone to join in with. More info coming soon. Please subscribe to our STwSS YouTube channel