Faith Resources

Our vision as a church is to be using this season to go deeper with Jesus. This page has been created to give you some resources, scripture, worship, apps to help us as we go. 


There is so many resources being shared at the moment. We have selected a few for this page and each week we will highlight an additional resource for you! You will probably love some, like others and some won't work for you, but we're encouraging our whole church to try them out. 


'Devos with Ben' • Wednesdays at 11am • Zoom

You may have heard of the YouTube sensation 'PE with Joe'. Well, we have 'Devos with Ben', via Zoom. Every Wednesday at 11am Ben Walker will be leading a devotional time of Bible reading, encouragement and a friendly face! This week Ben will be assisted by Sam Baker. All are welcome, we'd love to see you there! 

• Zoom meeting link - click here at 11am on Wednesdays:
• Meeting ID: 261 830 550 (if needed)


Online resource of this week is: GodPod

This week we are highlighting GodPod. GodPod is a regular podcast released at the beginning of every month. You can listen online or download the app. Theologians Graham Tomlin, Mike Lloyd, Jane Williams and the occasional guest speaker get together to discuss burning issues of God, theology, life and much more, over a supply of coffee and biscuits. 

For more: click here


Going Deeper

Word For The Day by Robert Musgrave
Why not tune in to listen to a 3-4minute daily podcast from our very own Robert Musgrave. 
To listen online: click here

Pray as you Go
Pray As You Go is a daily prayer session. You can listen on the website, or download their app. 
To listen online: Click here


Worship Playlists

Subscribe to STwSS on YouTube
We have created a playlist on our YouTube channel and will be adding different styles and videos as we go!
To subscribe: Click here. To listen to our first playlist online: Click here


Reading the Bible

Bible in One Year
Bible in one year is available by email or via the app, this offers a daily dose of Bible reading with encouraging notes to help you understand it from Nicky Gumbel.
For more info: click here

Visual Commentary on Scripture
Visual Commentary on Scripture is a beautiful and thoughtful exploration of how art and the Biblical story interact.
For more info: click here

The Bible Project
The Bible Project is a really creative and theologically-literate animated films on Bible books and themes.
For more info: click here



YouVersion Bible App
Already installed on over 415 million unique devices all over the world, the Bible App offers a free Bible experience for smartphones, tablets, and online.
For more info: click here


Prayer requests or answers to prayer

Please email or call/text/WhatsApp: 07904 421 668 with any prayer requests or answers to prayer. We have a group of people ready to pray! 


Zoom Prayer Meetings • Fridays, 11am

We are hosting a Zoom open prayer meeting, 11am on Fridays. To join in with this time of prayer, please click here.

(Just incase you need this info as well)
• Zoom meeting link:
• Meeting ID: 883 010 212