Our Buildings and church community have as a story rooted in local history. 

St Thomas' Church

As the residential area of Telford Park became developed in the mid 19th century, a temporary iron church was erected in February 1885 at the junction of Telford and Thornton Avenues. The Church foundation stone, located on the external wall at the east (Salford Road) end of the building, was laid on May 11th 1901 by Sir Frank Green, Lord Mayor of London. The nave was opened five months later and the north and south aisles and baptistry were opened in April 1905. St Thomas' obtained the position of a legally established and independent church in July 1903. Reverend E J Wolfe was instituted as first vicar on 22 December 1903 and served until 1922.

The chancel was built after the war in 1927. The 107 men of the parish killed in The Great War are commemorated by a war memorial in the church. The Second World War brought damage to the roof of the church and east window, and the iron railings and gates were handed over for munitions production. In the half century or so after the Second World War, the damage was repaired and St Thomas' continued as a focus for Anglican worship, social fellowship and community activities, and became part of the Diocese of Southwark.

St Stephen's Church

The current St Stephen’s building was built in 1974. It replaced a Victorian church which was demolished owing to substantial subsidence, as part of the redevelopment of the area and the construction of the surrounding housing estate during the 1970s. The building is a single storey combined church and community centre.

St Thomas with St Stephen

The parish of St Thomas with St Stephen was formed in 2006 after the merger of the two neighbouring parishes. Both were of a similar evangelical tradition, but with different characters and styles of worship. Both buildings have since undergone redevelopment, St Thomas' to bring it up to 21st century standards of heat and lighting, and St Stephen's in partnership with The Weir Link to improve the building for community use.

See our redevelopment pages for the 2015 redevelopment of St Thomas'