Zoom Support

We are encouraging as many of our church members to sign up for a FREE Zoom account as possible to enable us to connect!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is the leader in video communications. It is particularly useful for large group settings. Some Homegroups are meeting in this way and now we are in a place to run our Sunday 10.15am service this way, too! 

We are encouraging our whole church to download Zoom onto their tablet, laptop, phone or computer. 


Sign up for a FREE Zoom account: Click here


I need help getting set up on Zoom!

If you need help getting started on Zoom, we have a dedicated team to help you get set up, please email zoom@stwss.org.uk


Tips for making Zoom run smoothly!

• Mute yourself unless you need to say something. The mute button is normally bottom left on a laptop is a microphone icon. We will automatically mute everyone on Sundays, so that we can hear the service leader, preacher or person saying the prayers. During the tea and coffee zoom you are very welcome to unmute yourself if you would like to say something. Tea and coffee time is a lot of fun and a lovely way to see each other! 

• It’s easier for people to see your wonderful smile when a light source is in front of you rather than behind you.

• Try connecting up your laptop or phone to your home sound system, television or external speaker to get better, bigger sound that you can really join in with.


How will Zoom work for Church on Sundays?

We have a team of preachers, people to pray, worship songs and readers ready to run live Zoom services to keep us connected during this time. You will be able to see and hear them, all live! 

We will be able to screen the preacher, project readings & prayers, worship songs and notices onto your screens - all live! We will put in measures so that only specific people can be heard at any one time, so it runs smoothly and clearly.


What time should I log on to Zoom?

We are encouraging people to log on at 10am in Sundays (or 15mins before a service starts) and then we can make sure we are all settled down by 10.15am, ready for the service. (Much like our normal encouragement to arrive at 10am for coffee on Sundays. Unfortunately, we can't get Kim and the team to make you coffee on Zoom!) 


How do I log on to the Sunday Service via Zoom?

Please email zoom@stwss.org.uk for info on the Zoom meeting access information. This cannot be put on the website for security reasons. Then click on the link within the email each Sunday at 10am and follow the instructions. For more info and a walkthrough video see here.


For a Zoom tutorial: click here


What about those who don't have Internet?

We have a dedicated team of people who are particularly looking out for those who don't have Internet. Please contact pastoralcare@stwss.org.uk if you know someone who would need this support. Please gain consent from the person without before contacting us. Fiona Carnegie and Richard Lea are leading this support.