Weddings and Banns

Congratulations! It is always exciting when two people decide to marry and we love to hold services and events to celebrate with you. 

If you would like to get married at St Thomas' or St Stephen's Church we encourage you to complete this application form either complete electronically and email it to us or print and send it to the mailing address found here. The form guides you through which couples we are able to marry based on a qualifying connection. One of our ministers will contact you about further details and arranging marriage preparation classes further to receipt of the form. 

If you are getting married elsewhere and require your Banns to be read please contact the church office. Before contacting us, you may wish to check if you live in the parish by searching here, as you may need your banns read elsewhere. Your nearest church is not always your parish church.

Finally if you already have arrangements for your marriage ceremony but are looking for a venue to celebrate in. Please consult our bookings section.